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Melinda Galloway San Diego Alma TED Partner

Melinda Beck- Galloway, HPT

Melinda Galloway is a board-certified practitioner of trichology and cosmetology. She has been providing aesthetic and wellness services throughout the Greater San Diego, CA area since 1996. Her passion for treating hair loss disorders evolved from her struggle with trichotillomania, an anxiety disorder causing hair pulling and hair loss. "Countless times, clients told me they felt embarrassed, alone, and unsure who to turn to for help," Melinda said. "I wanted to bridge that gap between medical and cosmetic in a partnership that will equate health and beauty for all those in need."

Professional Memberships

Melinda is an active member or volunteer of the following professional organizations:

  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners

  • National Cosmetology Association

  • National Alopecia Foundation

  • National Hair Society

  • Trichotillomania Association

  • American Hair Loss Council

  • National Hair and Skin Council

  • Wigs for Kids

  • The TLC Foundation

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