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Melinda Galloway, HPT has been serving San Diego for over 25 years as San Diego's Hair Loss Specialist.  At Advanced Hair Technologies she partnered with Alma TED to bring this cutting-edge technology to clients in San Diego.  We are laser-focused on getting results for natural hair restoration and retention. The best time to start treatment is when you first start to experience hair loss or notice a change in your hair texture.


You can schedule a Hair Loss and Scalp Evaluation to learn more about your specific type of hair loss. The most likely and best course of action for most types of hair loss is going to be the Alma TED treatment. Melinda offers complimentary 15-minute virtual consultations to find out if this treatment would be a good fit for you. If further assessment is needed, she will recommend coming in for a full Hair and Scalp Analysis..

Alma TED Hair Restoration

What Is TED Hair Restoration?

Hormonal imbalances and genetics could result in premature balding and hair thinning at any stage of life for both men and women. Androgenetic alopecia, sometimes called female and male pattern baldness, is the most common baldness condition, resulting in thin, less dense hair that, over time, can go away altogether and decrease a person's self-image. At Advanced Hair Technologies, we provide TED by Alma and the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula as a cutting-edge treatment to encourage hair growth. Acoustic sound waves and pressurized air from this high-end treatment supply the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula deeper into your scalp to stimulate blood flow while also delivering essential growth factors necessary to grow, strengthen, and retain the hair. Schedule an appointment at our Del Mar, CA office to explore what this noninvasive treatment option could do for you.

Alma TED Hair Restoration Before and After photo. Androgenetic Alopecia. Crown Thinning Male 50+

Trichology Hair and Scalp Evaluation  

To thoroughly examine your hair and scalp we will evaluate your hair follicles with a microscopic device taking photos of particular points of concern. These micro photos create a reference point for future progress with treatment. This initial consultation helps to ascertain scalp conditions and possible irritations and analyze what may be causing your hair loss or scalp issues. Your hair provides many tell-tell signs of underlying conditions that contribute to your hair loss. Most people have already lost a large percentage of their hair before they think it is "serious enough" to see a trichologist. The earlier you intervene with a hair loss solution, the better your results will be.

Trichologist Hair and Scalp Evaluation with Microscopic Photos

Other Services

Visit our sister company, Advanced Hair Aesthetics, where you can book a consultation for women's cosmetic hair replacement options such as full hair systems, crown extensions, toppers, advanced beaded row extensions, and more. We understand that hair matters and all options that make you feel confident are good options to consider. 

Trichologist installing Revive Hair System  for cosmetic hair replacement. Young client experiencing trichotillomania
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