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Trichologist Melinda Galloway and Alma TED Device in San Diego

"In over 25 years of serving San Diego as a trichologist and cosmetologist, I have never seen the incredible and consistent results that I have seen in the first year with Alma TED treatments. As a practitioner spending my career in search of solutions for hair loss, it is refreshing to see so many clients respond to this treatment.

While cosmetic solutions will always have a place for some, I advocate for anyone experiencing hair loss to start treatment early for optimal results. It makes such a difference in the long term to start taking care of your scalp health before your hair is completely thinning. Alma TED has shown to be effective with all types of hair loss.

This will change the hair loss journey for so many!"

-Trichologist and Board Certified Cosmetologist, Melinda Galloway

Melinda Galloway on Alma TED Treatments

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